Shin Hyo Jin

Shin Hyo Jin

–  Performance III


SHIN Hyo Jin is a musician and performer. She graduated from the Berlin University of Arts and the Freie University Berlin with state board examinations in European Classical Music, Biology and Education. Since her youth she was trained in various traditional Korean music and performing arts by Korean masters and teachers such as KIM Duk-Soo of the Performing Arts Troupe SamulNoriHanullim, KIM Dong-Won, a member of the Silk Road Ensemble and LEE Yoon-Seok of GoseongOkwangdae. Since 1994 she is performing as former member of the Samulnori group ChonDungSori and nowadays of Korean Traditional Performance Ensemble DoodulSori, all over Europe. Parallel to this she performs in intercultural music theatre pieces, e.g. in Bach Yu Ram Gi by director LEE Soo-Eun in cooperation with pianist and composer Philipp Rumsch or in Yellow Banana by Hyunsin Olivia Kim aka Ddanddarakim . She started from 2009 on to co-work with contemporary dancers and choreographers researching for the individual ways to develop contemporary expressions on traditional sources.

Since 2006 she is co-founder and member of Ensemble ~su, an experimental and interdisciplinary project aimed at expanding contemporary forms of sound and movement in cooperation with performers of diverse genres and cultural backgrounds. Since 2012 Ensemble ~su creates together with the German Jazz saxophonist and composer Peter Ehwald contemporary Jazz based on Gug-Ak (Korean traditional music), Mu-Ak (Korean shaman music), Samulnori (Korean percussion music) and improvised music.

Since 2015 she explores ways of overcoming the boundaries between instrumental percussion and electronic dance music in collaboration with Cindy Sizer aka Syn3a.


TAUCHEN by Peter Ehwald & Ensemble ~su