20. March 2021 / 12 pm

Symposium – ‘The Cold War Continuum: The Role of Sound Systems in the Vibrational Delusions of Sonic Warfare’


Symposium running order/schedule:


Time:                                        Speaker/Title:

12pm – 12:15                       Jessica Edwards

Introduction: ‘The Cold War Sonic Continuum’


Part I.

The Politics, Techniques and Frequencies of Sonic Warfare


12:15 – 13:15pm                 Dr Steve Goodman

Paper presentation:

‘Sonic Warfare: Havana Syndrome, Unsound

and the Ghosts of the Cold War’

Discussion w. Jessica Edwards (Chair)

Audience Q&A


13.30 – 14:30pm                Nik Nowak ‘Schizo Sonics’

in conversation w.

Jessica Edwards (Chair)

Audience Q&A


Part II.

Unsound Methods: Eavesdropping and Sonic Inversions in the Escalating of Cold War Terror

14:35 – 15:35                         ‘Lauschangriff: Feedback on surveillance practices

                                                     during the Cold War in Berlin’


                                                     Prof. Helmut Müller-Enbergs and Dr Bodo Mrozek

in conversation w. Martin Kowalski (Chair)

(In German w. English subtitles)

Audience Q& A



Part III.

War in the East, war in the West”*: The Sonopolitical Diasporisation of Jamaican Sound Systems and their co-option during the Cold War

15:50 – 16:40 pm              Sebastien Carayol

In conversation w. Jessica Edwards (Chair)


16:50 – 17:50                       Prof. Louis Chude-Sokei

in conversation w. Jessica Edwards (Chair)

Audience Q&A


Part IV.

Interrupting Transmission – Transversal Border Crossings: From the Cold War to the Dance Floor


18:00 – 19:00                      Dr Kerstin Meiβner and Sarah Farina

in conversation w. Jessica Edwards (Chair)

Audience Q&A



Part V. Convergences and Futurities

Roundtable: ‘On the eve of a second Cold War? New protagonists, old scores and fugitive possibilities for escaping the sonic impasse’


19:10 – 20:10                      Roundtable discussion w. all panellists

Audience Q&A


20:10 – 20:20                      Jessica Edwards – Closing remarks & thanks